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Poor Blood Flow =
Poor Quality of Life

Revitalise your blood flow with PlasmaFlo®

Why do you need PlasmaFlo®?

Poor circulation can lead to a multitude of health issues and discomforts, particularly in seniors who are more susceptible to circulatory problems. It can result in cold extremities, swelling, numbness, fatigue, and increased stress-related complications. Poor circulation can limit your mobility, affect your overall well-being, and reduce your quality of life.

Diagram of blood flow from and to the heart showing capillaries.

Enhanced Circulation: Major benefits of consuming PlasmaFlo®

I personally have a firm belief in the biggest benefit that PlasmaFlo® can offer both you and me. But I want to deal with a few of the more common benefits that you will enjoy as you consume PlasmaFlo®

PlasmaFlo is specifically designed to improve blood flow and support microcirculation. when you consume PlasmaFlo, you can experience a remarkable increase in blood circulation throughout your body. This enhanced circulation offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Reduced Discomfort: Improved circulation can help eliminate cold extremities, numbness, and swelling, enhancing your overall comfort.

  • More Energy: Better blood flow leads to increased oxygen and nutrient delivery to your cells, which can boost energy levels, reducing fatigue.

  • Stress Reduction: PlasmaFlo’s ingredients, known to reduce oxidative stress. I am led to believe that can help lower your stress levels, leading to improved mental and emotional well-being.

  • Better Mobility: Enhanced circulation supports better mobility, allowing for more freedom of movement and the ability to engage in physical activities with ease.

  • Heart Health: Improved circulation is essential for heart health, reducing the risk of cardiovascular issues in this demographic.

  • Overall Vitality: With increased circulation, you are likely to experience improved vitality, enabling you to live a more active and fulfilling life.

but the biggest benefit of consuming PlasmaFlo® is it supports improved Cellular renewal & tissue regeneration meaning you will feel amazing, sooner!

Consuming PlasmaFlo® means your body will have Improved signalling, delivery and migration of stem cells to every part of your body. This means that your body can renew, repair and regenerate more efficiently. It also means you will experience all sorts of relief in every part of your body especially if you pair it with StemEnhance® Ultra to support the release of your Adult Stem Cells.

Here is something interesting… even long time consumers of StemEnhance® Ultra notice a difference in their body when they add PlasmaFlo® into their daily routine. Joints seem to repair better, eyesight improves and both of those could be because these are both places in our body with the tiniest capillaries.

Personally, I added PlasmaFlo® to my regime when I was working out hard, lifting a lot of weights, cycling, doing high intensity interval training, swimming, and really pushing my body beyond any limits I previously thought I had. I was amazed how much harder I could go, how much longer, how much stronger I was getting, and the best part was that I felt no pain the next day no matter how hard I pushed it. My post-workout recovery was incredible!  I was astonished, and very, very pleased! 


How does PlasmaFlo® help your body repair, renew and rejuvenate?

How does it achieve this? (please note I am going to use plain simple language and my own terms to explain these concepts to make it easier to understand, But if you need more technical insight you can find references in our PlasmaFlo® Science tab here)

  • Signalling: The way that old, sick or damaged cells signal a need for replacement is to emit a chemical signal into the blood stream where it is carried to the  “factory” in our bodies where stem cells are made and released. Obviously, if you have poor blood flow it may dramatically slow or possibly even prevent the delivery of those signals.
  • Delivery: One of the most important things PlasmaFlo® does is to digest excess Fibrin. This excess Fibrin forms clumps in our bloodstream, blood cells get entangled in it and are unable to pass into the very small blood vessels called capillaries. This means tissues become starved of oxygen, nutrients and Stem Cells, and also don’t get the cellular garbage taken out. 
  • Migration: It is in these capillaries that Stem Cells migrate out of your bloodstream and into your tissues which signalled for repair. If they can’t get into the capillaries they cannot do their good work, and you will continue to suffer the consequences of cell die-off, cell damage from trauma and cell disease.

Infographic Stem cells, what are they and what do they do

What the heck is Fibrin?

Fibrin as it’s name suggests is a fibrous material in our bloodstream that is useful when the blood needs to clot, but it becomes a real problem when we make too much and it stays in our blood stream when not needed.

a blue drain showing water flowing freely down it.
unblock your capillaries and let your blood flow free.

As you can imagine, this fibrous substance can trap blood cells and stem cells and form clumps that are too big to enter the very small capillaries. You see our capillaries are so tiny only one blood cell can squeeze through the opening at a time and if that blood cell is tangled with others in a fibrous mass then the blood flow slows dramatically. 

I visualise it this way… What happens if too much hair blocks our shower drain? The draining of water from the shower slows down dramatically, it could even cause flooding. Then when we remove the hair the water is able to flow smoothly again through the drain. Similarly if we eliminate the excess fibrin from our bloodstream our blood can flow freely again, delivering essential nutrients, oxygen and stem cells.

What causes Excess Fibrin?

I suspect most people these days have at least one of these causes of excess fibrin. Our modern lifestyle makes it almost unavoidable. 

  • Infections, Injury, or Acute Inflammation: Fibrinogen production increases during injury, infection, and inflammation. This is generally a healthy response and usually returns to normal once healing has progressed.
  • Age: Older individuals tend to have higher fibrinogen levels than younger people.
  • Obesity: Overweight individuals generally have high fibrinogen levels. Exercise, decreases fibrinogen, suggesting a connection between body fat, chronic inflammation, and fibrinogen levels.
  • Diet: Low intake of minerals and vitamins, high cholesterol and fatty acids, and processed foods can increase chronic inflammation and fibrinogen levels. Diets rich in sugar, are associated with elevated fibrinogen. 
  • Stress: Stressful situations lead to immediate increases in fibrinogen levels. High cortisol levels, often associated with stress, contribute to elevated fibrinogen, possibly due to increased production by inflammation-promoting cytokines.
  • Cold Temperatures: Cold temperaturesespecially in winter, can lead to chronic elevation of fibrinogen.
  • Smoking: Smokers and ex-smokers have significantly higher fibrinogen levels than non-smokers. The more one smokes, the higher the fibrinogen levels. Even after quitting, it takes about 15 years for levels to normalize.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women experience elevated fibrinogen levels to prevent excessive bleeding during childbirth. Fibrinogen concentration increases during pregnancy, returning to normal after delivery.
  • Birth Control Pills: Oral contraceptives, especially those with high estrogen, can increase fibrinogen. This effect is compounded in women who smoke while on birth control.
  • Genetic Mutations: Genetic factors contribute to 34 to 46% of individual variation in fibrinogen levels. Some mutations are associated with high fibrinogen. For example, disorders like homocystinuria, influenced by genes, can lead to elevated fibrinogen.

In summary, excess fibrin can result from various factors such as stress, smoking, hormonal influences, genetic predisposition, aging, environmental conditions, dietary choices, and obesity.

how does PlasmaFlo® work

a PlasmaFlo® pacman chomping through excess fibrin
a PlasmaFlo® pacman digesting excess fibrin

Cerule describes PlasmaFlo® like this… PlasmaFlo is an exclusive formula containing a proprietary blend of potent proteolytic and fibrinolytic enzymes, exotic plant extracts and powerful antioxidants.*”

One of the key ways that PlasmaFlo® works is that the Fibinolytic enzymes digest excess fibrin in the blood, breaking down the proteins into amino acids. 

Its a bit like the PlasmaFlo ‘eats’ the hairy fibrin in the blood, clearing out the ‘pipes’ so that blood cells carrying nutrients and oxygen, immune cells, and our regenerative stem cells can get to every part of the body. 

With better blood flow your body starts to function the way it should. You’ll likely feel younger, more lively, and you bounce back more quickly from activity. Who doesn’t want that?

But the ONLY way PlasmaFlo can work for you is if you get it into you, so place your order here

PlasmaFlo® ingredients

PlasmaFlo® Supplement facts and ingredient list.

What Is The Best Way To Get PlasmaFlo®?


You order online and the goods are shipped directly to your door. 

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As you would expect, the overall pricing varies from country to country to take into account differences in taxes, freight, duties, storage and despatch costs etc. 

Also, different products have different prices you can find them all at

Note: For pricing in the NFR markets (the ones in red above), please see the “Special Information for NFR Markets” Tab below.

An Example For The US Market

Price per bottle of StemEnhance® Ultra, PlasmaFlo® or CyActiv®. 
  • One off order, $64
  • Monthly Autoship, $59 

Other products have different prices.

You can buy as either a Customer or as an IBO. If you choose to be an IBO you can get product for free, receive extra discounts, earn a decent income by sharing the products or business as well as other benefits such as all expenses paid travel, car bonus and more. Learn more here

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Click hereNFR pricelist as at November 2023 to see a full-size pricelist for NFR countries.

As you can see, the most expensive way to buy a bottle of StemEnhance® Ultra, PlasmaFlo®, or CyActiv®  is as a customer with a one time purchase. The price is US$84, if you are a customer with an Autoship the price falls dramatically to US$74. If you join as an IBO member a one off order costs only $65, and a monthly autoship costs only $60. That’s a saving of US$24.00 per bottle. and you save that per bottle, every month.

Plus, you can also save US$ 15 on shipping if you order between 5 – 12 bottles.

So, for example, if you have an autoship order of  6 bottles any mix of PlasmaFlo®, StemEnhance® Ultra or CyActiv® on Autoship order as an IBO you will save US$159.00 every month.

The BEST STARTING ORDER is to JOIN as an IBO and get a 6-bottle fast start pack.

If you want to get a rough idea of how much your order will cost use this handy currency converter, but remember to allow extra  because your bank sets its own exchange rate and foreign curency charges, and allow for shipping.

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Answer these two Questions. 

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