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Aloe Macroclada supports the release of your stem cells

Aloe Macroclada has been shown to increase the numbers of circulating adult stem cells in the body and extend the time they stay in circulation seeking tissues to repair. 

There are over 450 different species of Aloe across the world growing mainly in Africa and South America. The subject of this page, Aloe Macroclada, grows only in specific regions of Madagascar. Various types of Aloe have long histories of medicinal and therapeutic use, …Over 6,000 years ago the Egyptians carved Aloe on a temple wall indicating it was being used and valued back then. A Sumerian Clay tablet that has been dated at around 2,200 BC also describes the healing properties of this amazing plant.

The Medicinal properties of Aloe were described in detail some 650 years later in Egypt’s Ebers Papyrus. The Papyrus includes details on how to use all parts of the aloe except for the roots.

Madagascan Folklore about Aloe Macroclada

Aloe Macroclada is a plant Native to Madagascar where it has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for many problems…. it is just this feature, the fact that it helped so many conditions that piqued the curiosity of our Chief Science Officer about the plant.

Interestingly, Aloe Macroclada,  (which is often called ‘Vahona’ by the locals) grows in the cooler highlands of Madagascar (over 1000 metres above sea level) in an area with a six month Dry season and a Wet season that yields over 1000 millimetres (39 inches) of rainfall. the plant is quite hardy and is said to be able to survive bushfires due to its ability to store so much water in its gel.

As the story goes, the medicine men and women of Madagascar would tell their patients, “If you are sick and you take this preparation of Aloe Macrocalda you will get well. If you continue taking it you will never get sick again!”. The Medicine men and women and their patients had such great results from Vahona, that it became widely available across the tiny island nation through more than 130 Pharmacies, 30 retail outlets and 7 supermarkets.

Private Hospitals, Public Hospitals and Doctors across Madagascar use a preparation of Aloe Macroclada to treat many complex diseases and conditions.

According to local doctors in Madagascar...

According to local doctors in Madagascar, Aloe Macroclada speeds up the circulation of blood, unblocks and revives the whole circulatory system, revitalises tired capillaries, feeds cells that are in a poor condition, and clears the toxins and waste products from our bodies. With new insights from modern research much of this may actually be true, but more on that later….

The local wisdom in Madagascar is that Aloe Macroclada that as it restores  and renews the cells and tissues of the body thereby relieving rheumatism as well as slowing down ageing and promoting longevity.

Additionally according to the Malagasy traditional health carers, Aloe Macroclada is an effective natural anti-inflammatory agent, and can be used to treat a number of skin conditions such as Acne, Psoraisis, Eczema, and other rashes. The range of health benefits apparently derived from Aloe Macroclada includes preventing, treating or curing long term weakness (Asthenia), chronic low energy or fatigue, high blood pressure (hypertension), digestive tract conditions, and a variety of infections including Kidney, Bronchial (major air passages and wind pipe) infections and Pulmonary (Lung) infections.

A modern Scientific Explanation of the Effects of Aloe Macroclada

madagascan boy beside a wild growing Aloe Macroclada plantThis all seems to be too good to be true doesn’t it? But, there is a natural bodily system mechanism by modern Western medical and nutritional researchers that might help explain how Madagascan Aloe Macroclada can have so many reputed benefits.

Human trials of Aloe Macroclada as a nutritional supplement

A human trial was performed to determine if Aloe Macrolcada helped the body to release more of its own Adult stem cells in a research study entitled  “Aloe macroclada from Madagascar Triggers Transient Bone Marrow Stem Cell Mobilization” (By Drapeau C, Benson KF, James J, Jensen GS (2015) in the Journal of Stem Cell Research and Therapy 5:287. doi: 10.4172/2157-7633.1000287) .

Their conclusion states: Consumption of Aloe macroclada has been credited with significant improvements in a wide variety of heath conditions. This data suggest that stem cell mobilisation may be an important mechanism of action behind the health benefits of Aloe macroclada.

Other research has shown that when mobilised Adult Stem Cells travel around our body responding to chemical cries of help from tissues that have been damaged by trauma, disease or which due to age have ceased functioning as well as they should. The adult stem cells then migrate into those tissues replacing, and renewing the damaged, poorly functioning cells which fresh healthy young cells of the tissue type thereby renewing and improving the function of those tissues and restoring the wellbeing of the person.

One of the varieties of Adult Stem Cells that increased in number after consuming the Aloe Macroclada preparation were Endothelial Progenitor Cells. The cells repair the lining of blood vessels from the largest arteries to the smallest capillaries, which explains in part why consuming A. macroclada is said to improve blood circulation and therefore tissue function throughout the body.

Ethical Cultivation and Harvesting - Enriching the Traditional Owners of the Knowledge

a young Aloe macroclada plantThere is one company that uses Aloe Macroclada in it’s stem cell nutrition. They have a deep sense of respect and gratitude for being granted access to this traditional knowledge. In return they have decided to give back to the communities that shared the knowledge and from whom they acquire the raw ingredients.

Firstly the intellectual property right of the traditional owners of the knowledge is recognised and respected.

Local communities have been improved with roads and schools. Traditional cultivation practices are respected, Wild cultivation and harvesting ensures that the product is energetically of the highest quality which in turn is reflected in the end product. Work is given to the locals rather than being exported to another country that might make growing, harvesting and shipping of the raw ingredients easier.

The focus is on shared community benefits rather than individual personal gain. No corruption in the supply chain is tolerated.

The product I work with currently does NOT contain Aloe Macroclada but if you truly need the benefits of Aloe Macroclada contact me and I will refer you to a source.

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